Basic Strategies

- Use all gifted pearls to Advisor

- Keep the initially recruited pilgrims up to 100 fights

  • saves money so you can skip the cheapest horse and slinger

Try to complete Quests, but on the way explore all the places

- You should skip the lower threat places if you can easily explore the harder targets as the harder targets give you more glory and money

Initially you get something like 50gold and 350 glory from groves, which goes down as you get more members to your party

Ancient battlefields start from 100 or so gold and close to 1000 glory

Roman goldmines are about 200 gold and 1300 glory

Temples are 300 gold and 1600 glory

Usually you should also attack all the random encounters, but depending on the enemy it might be a bad idea (they might be able to kill one or more members from you). Good luck - you get 1000glory and at least same amount of gold that goes to healing, bad luck - 100 glory and 20g and healer takes 150g..

The 5-part quest for ancient battlefields is quite good, but even better is the one with roman gold mines, as it gives a rare or even unique relic as reward.

Best luck gives you an relic with +1 to party size