You can conquer cities after you reach rank 'Count' (310.000 glory).

To conquer a city you need to win certain amount of attacks one after another without any breaks (you can't heal between the attacks).

City typesEdit



  • Requires to counquer: 2 attacks (Walls and Keep)
  • Basic defences: 6 Guards
  • Tax income: 20g/h
  • NPCs: Surgeon and Advisor


Town Town2

  • Requires to counquer: 3 attacks (Walls, Streets and Keep)
  • Basic defences: 10 Guards
  • Tax income: 40g/h
  • NPCs: Recruiter (Tiers 1 and 2), Trainer, Bank, Surgeon, General and Advisor


City City2

  • Requires to counquer: 4 attacks (Walls, Streets, Gates and Keep)
  • Basic defences: 14 Guards
  • Tax income: 60g/h (or 80g/h if contains a harbour)
  • NPCs: Recruiter (Tiers 1, 2 and 3), Trainer, Bank, Surgeon, General, Minstrel, Treasurer, Spy and Advisor



  • Requires to counquer: Can not be conquered
  • NPCs: Recruiter (All Tiers), Trainer, Bank, Surgeon, General, Minstrel, Treasurer, Spy and Advisor

Upgrading defencesEdit

Physical upgradesEdit

  • Name: Thicker walls
  • Effects: +1 Defence to all units.
  • Cost: Level * 100g (to maximum of 8)

  • Name: Scorpions
  • Effects: +1 Attack against siege units.
  • Cost: 300g/level (to maximum of 5)

  • Name: Deeper moat
  • Effects: +1 Attack against cavalry.
  • Cost: 300g/level (to maximum of 5)

  • Name: More oil
  • Effects: +1 Attack against infantry.
  • Cost: 400g/level (to maximum of 5)

  • Name: Peace treaty
  • Effects: 24 hour immunity to attacks.
  • Cost: 5 pearls

Additional upgradesEdit

You can assign up to 15 units from your own troops to the city.

List of citiesEdit

Name: Size: Location:
Abdera Town X4:Y2
Abydos Town X4:Y5
Adrianopoli City X5:Y2
Aestra Town X3:Y1
Agria Castle X2:Y6
Akserai City X10:Y8
Amasia Town X10:Y2
Amastris City X9:Y1
Amonon Town
Angora Sultan Capital X9:Y5
Antikyra Town X2:Y7
Antiochia Town
Apollonia Town X3:Y4
Apri Castle X5:Y2
Aquilae Town X3:Y4
Arta City X1:Y6
Ascanos Town X6:Y4
Assus Castle X4:Y1
Athens City X3:Y8
Attalia Caliph Capital X8:Y10
Aulos Town X3:Y7
Boli City X8:Y3
Brusa City X6:Y5
Cadmus Castle
Candia City
Carallis Castle
Careton Castle
Casabia Town X2:Y2
Celaria Town
Celendes Town
Celetrum Town X1:Y2
Celymbria Town X6:Y3
Cibyra Castle
Citium Town X1:Y3
Claudicea Town
Constantinople City NEUTRAL X6:Y3
Corcyra Town X1:Y6
Corinthia Castle X2:Y8
Cremna Town
Cypsela Town X5:Y3
Delphia City
Denoe Town
Dicea Town X4:Y3
Dioclea King Capital X1:Y1
Dium Castle X2:Y4
Doril Town X7:Y5
Elyma Town X1:Y4
Ephesus City X5:Y9
Gallicum Town X2:Y3
Gallios Castle X8:Y3
Gallipoli City X5:Y4
Gangra Castle X10:Y3
Gordium Town X9:Y4
Hadrianee Town X9:Y2
Halys Castle
Heraklion Town X8:Y2
Hebrus Castle X4:Y2
Iconium City
Idomene Town X2:Y1
Ionopolis Castle X10:Y1
Iscura Castle
Istia Town X2:Y7
Kafera Town
Kastoria City X1:Y4
Keras Town X1:Y5
Keva Castle X1:Y2
Kounon Town
Lamia City X2:Y7
Laodicea Town
Laranda Town X10:Y:10
Larissa City X2:Y5
Larnaca Town X10:Y14
Lemnos Town X4:Y5
Lepanto Pope Capital X1:Y7
Lyana Town X10:Y9
Lystra Town
Mazaca Castle X10:Y9
Meander Castle
Methone City X1:Y10
Miletus City X5:Y10
Mistra City X2:Y9
Myra Castle
Nea Town
Nicaea Town X7:Y4
Nicia Castle X2:Y1
Nicolaos Town
Nicomedia City X7:Y3
Oetylus Town
Olbia Town
Olympia Town X1:Y9
Pactya Castle X5:Y3
Parnassus Town
Patros City X1:Y8
Pelagonia Town X1:Y1
Pellene Castle X2:Y8
Pergamion Town
Pessinus Town
Petra Town X3:Y2
Phigalia Town X1:Y9
Philias Town X6:Y2
Philippolis City X4:Y1
Physca Town X2:Y6
Prasiae Town
Prillip City X1:Y2
Rhodes City
Sadame Town X5:Y1
Salamis Town X10:Y13
Sangnos Castle X7:Y5
Sardis Town
Sation Castle
Sebastia Town
Selencia Town X10:Y10
Side Town
Sinope Khan Capital X10:Y1
Smyrna City
Stratonica Town
Symaca Town
Tarsos Castle
Taviun Town X10:Y4
Tegea Castle X2:Y9
Tharasus City X10:Y10
Theos Town
Thessalonica City X2:Y4
Thyatira Town
Tiristasis Castle X5:Y3
Trajanopolis Town
Trika City X1:Y5
Xanthus Town
Zarax Town

List of harbour citiesEdit


West East
Amastris Athens
Arta Candia
Constantinople Ephesus
Heraklion Larnaca
Thessalonica Methone