The player starts as a Knight Errant. Through the sword, he gathers glory that entitle him a higher rank. Every new rank give you one more unit slot.

Honorary title (Arvonimi) Glory (Kunnia) Units NPCs Other
Knight Errant 0 - 10 000 Tier1
Knight Cavalier 10k - 30k Tier2 Advisor
Paladin 30k - 60k 5 Pearls
Baronet 60k - 100k Tier3
Baron 100k - 150k Surgeon, Minstrel, General, Treasurer and Spy
Baron Freelord 150k - 220k
Viscount 220k - 310k Tier4
Count 310k - 420k Minion 10 Pearls and ability to conquery towns
Count Elector 420k - 560k
Archcount 560k -730k
Margrave 730k - 930k Special units (buy with pearls)
Marquis 930k-1170k
Marquis Regal 1170k-1450k
Duke 1450k-1770k
Prefect 1770k-2140k
Duke Elector 2140k-2560k
Archduke 2560k-3030k
Grand Duke 3030k-